Are you shopping for a new HVAC system? Which you choose will depend on several factors, including whether you need to cool a small living space or a large house. The great thing about ductless air conditioners is they install and operate efficiently in both settings. Installing the proper setup will ensure you gain the most benefits. Read on to learn seven benefits of installing ductless air conditioning in Swannanoa, NC:

Single-Zone Applications

You’ve probably seen a ductless air conditioner hanging on the wall of a store, office or coffee shop. What you likely didn’t know is that single-zone ductless minis-splits also install in new home additions, studio apartments and garage conversions. To install your single-zone ductless air conditioner, all your service technician needs to do is drill a small hole to connect the indoor air handler with the outdoor compressor. Indoor air handlers come in various shapes, sizes and styles to accommodate your aesthetic preferences. We can help match you with the right ductless system.

Multi-Zone Applications

A multi-zone ductless air conditioning installation suits a larger property best. In this setup, you split your house into several climate control zones. Each zone features its own indoor air handler and thermostat so that you can customize the temperature in various areas around your home. For example, you can cool your bedroom upstairs at night without cooling the entire house. Or you can cool the kitchen and living room during the day without cooling the bedroom. Everyone in your household can enjoy their preferred temperature at all times in any room in your home.

Don’t Pay to Extend Ductwork

Extending your central HVAC system’s ductwork to cool a new home addition or garage conversation is a disruptive and costly project. With a single-zone ductless air conditioning installation, you avoid paying for it. What’s more, you won’t risk losing even more conditioned air to leaky ducts with the added ductwork in your house.

Don’t Pay to Clean or Repair Ductwork

An HVAC system that contains ductwork requires regular maintenance to operate efficiently. Part of that maintenance involves cleaning and repairing the ducts. With a ductless air conditioner, you won’t have to pay for these additional services. Ductless mini-splits require minimal maintenance to operate at peak efficiency.

Heating Capabilities

While ductless air conditioners provide energy-efficient cooling in the summer, they also double as heaters in the winter. All you have to do is switch the setting on the remote to enjoy cost-effective heating during chillier months.

Multi-Stage Air Filtration

Another benefit of installing ductless air conditioning is that it offers multi-stage filtration in your living spaces, improving your indoor air quality. What’s more, ductless mini-splits operate with cleanable filters. Therefore, you’ll also save money by not having to buy replacements that traditional HVAC systems require.

Energy Savings

Ductless HVAC systems offer cost-saving benefits in many ways. They prevent cooling empty areas of your house, operate at variable speeds and boast high SEER ratings. If you’re searching for an energy-efficient HVAC solution that will lower your cooling costs and enhance your indoor comfort, look no further than a ductless air conditioning system.

To learn more about ductless air conditioners and their benefits, contact Gentry Service Group today. We offer ductless mini-splits for various residential and commercial settings in Swannanoa, NC. You can depend on us to sell you a state-of-the-art ductless air conditioner and install it correctly according to the manufacturer’s specifications.

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