There are many upgrades that can help you save energy and lower utility bills. Many of these upgrades can also increase your family’s comfort, improve indoor air quality and help the environment Black Mountain, North Carolina. Here are four HVAC investments that lead to savings:

A More Efficient HVAC System

If your HVAC system is more than 10 years old, you can save energy and prevent breakdowns by upgrading. A ductless HVAC system has one or more indoor units that connect to an outdoor unit with a small conduit. That way, you can avoid cooling or heating unoccupied rooms.

You can also use the system to set zones. As a result, family members can choose the thermostat settings they prefer for the places where they spend most of their time.

Variable speed systems have several fan speeds. Therefore, they run constantly and keep the temperature in your home from fluctuating. They’re also better at dehumidifying the air than standard air conditioners or heat pumps. Before you decide on a new HVAC system, talk to a professional to make sure you choose the correct size and type for your comfort needs.

A Programmable Thermostat

You can easily control zoning for a ductless HVAC system or for a system with special dampers in the ductwork with a programmable thermostat. Dampers direct warm or cool air to the areas or zones that need it the most. You can control most programmable thermostats with a central console that connects to thermostats in all of the zones in your home. With many models, you can also change settings with a remote or through your smartphone.

Set your programmable thermostat to make your home colder in winter or warmer in summer when you go to sleep or leave for work. Then, set it to return your home to a comfortable temperature about half an hour before you wake up or get home. If you don’t want to spend time programming your thermostat, install a smart version that can learn your family’s routine automatically.

New Insulation

Many older homes don’t have much insulation. They let conditioned air escape and waste energy through drafts. Some types of insulation become less efficient over time. Microbial growth and pests can infest old insulation as well.

Look for areas where the insulation is too thin by turning off your HVAC system and carrying a candleor a piece of string around your home. When the candle flickers or the string moves, the area nearby could need more insulation. You should also add weatherstripping to doors and windows, and use caulk around electrical outlets.

An Indoor Air Purifier

Air purifiers help keep your indoor air quality high. They use air filters to remove pollen, dirt, dust and other pollutants from your home. You can even use some air purifiers to get rid of viruses and bacteria. That way, your HVAC system’s filters won’t get dirty as often. You can also keep contaminants from building up in your ductwork and restricting your system’s airflow.

A UV air purifier uses a type of ultraviolet radiation that’s usually blocked by the atmosphere to kill organisms such as dust mites, bacteria and viruses. That way, you can prevent colds, flus and other health problems. Attach a coil sterilization lamp to your outdoor HVAC unit with a strong magnet. Or, a professional can install an air sterilization lamp in your ductwork.

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