Emerging technologies impact every part of our lives. Smarter home technologies and innovations allow for better heating and cooling of our homes. Homeowners in Swannanoa, North Carolina, are increasingly aware of the impact their HVAC systems are having on the environment. Read on to learn more about the problems and solutions concerning HVAC sustainability.

Energy-Efficient HVAC Technologies

Geothermal technology is one of the most efficient ways to heat and cool your home. These systems provide exceptional value, with some of the best energy savings of any system on the market.

Hybrid geothermal systems truly offer cost savings year-round. Hybrid technology combines two energy-efficient systems and take advantage of the earth’s natural temperature regulation. One of the main advantages of hybrid systems is that you can control them with a digital thermostat.

Radiant heating for the home is another HVAC technology that’s growing in popularity. Hydronic technology is becoming much cheaper for home use. As a result, more homeowners are implementing it in their homes.

Emerging HVAC Trends

New technologies are more efficient than ever, cutting energy loss from home heating and using renewable energy sources. Technologies to leverage the Internet of Things and cloud computing are also emerging. HVAC systems now contain advanced microprocessors to track how homeowners are using them, and HVAC professionals can tailor systems according to individual needs. This allows homeowners to conveniently adjust lights, improve their air quality, and reduce their monthly energy bills.

Homeowners are constantly looking for better ways to cut their monthly heating and cooling costs. The use of smartphone apps and PC software is growing. Homeowners no longer wish to run their HVAC systems all day to make sure they’re comfortable when they get home.

Smart thermostats can help you save money. Remote access lets the homeowner control every aspect of their heating and cooling with an app on their smartphone. Tracking the system’s usage enables you to see exactly where you’re spending your energy dollars. As a result, you can maximize every energy dollar you spend to heat and cool your home throughout the year.

Today’s homeowners are increasingly tech-savvy, with a wealth of information at their fingertips when it’s time to choose a new HVAC system. Innovative products, such as electronic air filters, digital thermostats and smart-home technology, are catching on quickly. It’s more than just a trend; it’s a new way of life.

Sustainable HVAC Technology

Properly installed and maintained residential HVAC systems provide years of flawless service. Technologies are constantly improving the design and energy efficiency of HVAC systems. Homeowners are moving toward a more neutral carbon footprint on the environment, which is good for everyone, including future generations.

Many of the HVAC systems in use today are from an analog era. As a result, it’s difficult for the homeowner to upgrade without complete replacement. However, we can help homeowners make the most of the systems they already own. Scheduled maintenance along with simple upgrades like a digital thermostat can make a big difference.

Future of HVAC Technology

Finally, one of the most exciting residential HVAC technologies is DEVAP. In 2011, the U.S. Department of Energy called DEVAP "revolutionary." DEVAP stands for Desiccant Enhanced Evaporative. The system cools the air by utilizing an evaporative cooling mechanism that uses desiccant, a substance that absorbs water from the surrounding air.

Water flows into a honeycomb media, similar to a sponge. A fan then blows the water through the honeycomb, causing it to evaporate. As the water vaporizes, it becomes much cooler and is released into your home. The DEVAP absorbs the humidity from the air, cooling the air like a conventional air conditioner. DOE reports that DEVAP systems use 90 percent less electricity and 80 percent less total energy than conventional systems. However, DEVAP is still a few years away from being available for your home.

HVAC demand has been on the upswing for several years with no signs of slowing down. Future technologies will revolutionize the industry while driving down installation and monthly costs. Contact Gentry Heating, Inc. at 828-581-4045 to discuss your comfort needs with one of our professionals.

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