Many people desire boosts in the efficiency and functionality of their HVAC systems for their own sake, but upgrades that positively affect your home’s value are even more coveted. Since a home is an integrated unit, of which an HVAC system is a large part, certain upgrades can bring just that result. Here are a few ways to make HVAC-related investments that can boost your home’s equity in Asheville, NC.

1. Replace an Old System

Responsible repairs and maintenance can prolong your system’s life quite a bit, but functionality and efficiency declines are inevitable after enough time. Certainly, after about 15-20 years, the wear and tear on an HVAC system can represent a liability for any potential buyer looking to purchase the residence that uses it. If your goal is to raise home equity, you might even want to consider replacing the system after ten years of service, even if nothing appears to be significantly wrong with it.

There are two important reasons for taking such a step. First, even if the system appears to function well, after ten years at work, problems may begin to appear before very long, making the system a potential real estate liability. Secondly, technological advancements are continuously making HVAC systems more powerful and energy-efficient, and a home with an upgraded HVAC system is considered more valuable.

2. Consider Getting a Heat Pump

While on the topic of HVAC system replacements, it may be a better idea for you to trade in your old central HVAC system for a heat pump. Heat pumps are considerably more efficient than traditional HVAC systems, a feature that can work wonders for your home equity. A study published in the journal of Nature Energy in October of 2020 concluded that installing a heat pump system may increase home value by a good couple thousand dollars.

3. Get Your Air Ducts Cleaned

Dirty air ducts are a significant cause of energy waste. Ill-maintained ducts can dramatically impact the quality of your indoor air. In effect, this partially undoes the work of your HVAC system, forcing it to consume more energy and making it less efficient. Plus, potential buyers with weak immune systems will see your house as unsafe.

This diminution in efficiency will have consequences for your home’s value. Even though this is a job that a new homeowner can easily arrange or ask for on his own, the fact that you’ve already done it will make any property you want to sell that much more attractive.

4. Look Into New Windows

Double-paned windows will greatly reduce your home’s rate of energy transfer, providing better insulation and reducing the work your HVAC system will have to perform, whether it happens to be in heating mode or cooling mode. This smaller workload will increase your system’s serviceability over the long term, saving you on repair costs and indirectly raising your home’s value.

Double-paned windows are hardly the only type of new window that can augment what your home is worth. Impact windows are another such option, as they can be an excellent weatherproofing tool.

5. Install a Smart Thermostat

Smart thermostats have the power to precisely calibrate your home temperature and sharply reduce energy waste. In particular, their special recovery mode feature even gives you the ability to gradually and subtly manipulate indoor temperatures to ideal levels while using as little energy as necessary. Prospective buyers will appreciate the upgrade as it will allow them to adjust and control indoor comfort remotely according to their schedule.

As the abovementioned factors show, with a few prudent decisions, you have the ability to raise the worth of your home considerably. For help in this endeavor, just call Gentry Service Group and ask about our professional heating and cooling services.

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