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Today’s advanced HVAC equipment is designed and engineered to withstand the effects of extreme weather and severe climate conditions. However, moving parts and sensitive electronic components undergo significant stress and wear over time. As a result, furnaces, heat pumps, and air conditioners require regular maintenance to continue operating reliably and efficiently.

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An HVAC preventive maintenance agreement will help to reduce the chance of an unexpected equipment malfunction and the associated costly repair. While the build quality of your heating and cooling equipment is important, every unit should be regularly serviced to improve performance and lower operating costs.

Preventive Maintenance Benefits

At Gentry Heating, Inc. (now Gentry Service Group), we dispatch nationally certified technicians to your home or office on a semiannual basis to conduct a variety of important tests, adjustments, inspections, and calibrations. Heating and cooling maintenance agreements provide many benefits when the work is performed by a skilled and knowledgeable HVAC contractor.

  • Lower Utility Costs: Dirt, grime, and duct restrictions reduce efficiency and increase operating costs. Our technicians check the unit to identify performance-related issues and calibrate the system to the manufacturer’s original specifications. We also look for other deficits that increase utility costs such as duct leaks, perimeter penetrations, and low insulation levels.
  • Extended Equipment Life: Properly maintained furnaces and air conditioners will experience less wear and tear when compared with neglected units. Without regular cleaning, coils, motors, and other internal components become covered with layers of sticky grime and the equipment must run longer to satisfy the indoor load requirements. Regular maintenance will reduce the wear on vital parts, which can help extend the life of your equipment.
  • Fewer Repairs: As part of the maintenance service, our technicians are trained to identify minor problems before they can affect the performance of your equipment. Our maintenance customers always receive priority service.
  • Increased Comfort and Improved Capacity: Even minor problems in HVAC system operation can significantly impact indoor comfort.

Maintenance Plan Services

At Gentry Heating, Inc. (now Gentry Service Group), we offer a variety of preventive maintenance plan services designed to improve performance and extend the life of your HVAC equipment. Each precision tuneup includes:

  • Adjusting the burner assembly
  • Cleaning the ignition assembly
  • Cleaning the heat exchanger elements
  • Monitoring the flue draft
  • Monitoring the refrigerant pressure
  • Testing the starting capabilities
  • Testing the safety controls
  • Cleaning/replacing the air filters
  • Adjusting the blower components
  • Measuring for correct air flow
  • Tightening the electrical connections
  • Measuring volts/amps
  • Lubricating all moving parts
  • Adjusting the thermostat’s calibration
  • Cleaning the evaporator coil if accessible
  • Cleaning the condenser coil
  • Cleaning the condensate drains and pan
  • Measuring temperature difference
  • Applying a protective coating to outside unit

Heating and Air Conditioning Maintenance Plans

For customers in Asheville, N.C., and the surrounding area, we offer maintenance plan protection designed to comfortably fit every budget. Each plan incorporates a variety of incentives and other special services including:

  • A fifteen percent discount on HVAC repairs
  • A five percent discount on any new equipment installation
  • Priority customer service for unexpected breakdowns
  • Inflation protection
  • Transferable agreement
  • 24-hour emergency service
  • No overtime charge
  • Appointments to fit your schedule

Routine Maintenance Saves Money

For those customers who are not quite ready to purchase a full maintenance protection plan, we recommend scheduling a preseason tuneup. Most of the same services are included without the need for an ongoing commitment. Gentry Heating, Inc. (now Gentry Service Group) is your best choice for HVAC maintenance, installation, service, and repair.

If you’re looking for even more coverage and protection, you should consider our residential Full-Protection Energy Savings Agreement. It includes all of the above and so much more. Call us today to see what would work best for you and your family.

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