You might be familiar with ductless mini-split systems as a central heating and cooling substitute. Although ductless split systems constitute only around 10% of the residential HVAC market, numerous misconceptions linger. This article will examine six frequently mentioned myths surrounding ductless mini-split systems in Asheville, NC.

1. They’re Not Energy Efficient

Some believe ductless ACs are less energy efficient than central systems due to their separate room operation. This contradicts the reality that the design of ductless units has high SEER2 (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratings), showcasing their energy-saving abilities.

Unlike central HVAC systems that simultaneously heat or cool an entire residence, ductless units allow you to regulate temperatures in occupied rooms independently. This dynamic feature aids in preventing unnecessary energy consumption and waste.

2. They’re Very Noisy

Not with the technology available today. The presently offered mini-splits incorporate a variable-speed blower in their indoor units. This sophisticated mechanism operates at reduced speeds and air output, resulting in near-silent operation.

Due to its continuous operation across various speeds, the blower generates less noise than conventional single-speed fans. Additionally, this system ensures more consistent air circulation, effectively eliminating fluctuations in temperature.

3. They Provide Uneven Cooling

If you’re considering a ductless air conditioning system, you might have encountered concerns about uneven cooling in your home. While this issue might hold for window units, it’s a different story with mini-split systems. Although these systems operate differently from traditional setups, they ensure consistent air distribution throughout your household.

Window AC units can cause noticeable temperature differences between nearby and distant areas. However, this isn’t the case with ductless systems. Choosing to go ductless ensures consistent home comfort, eradicating temperature inconsistencies linked to alternative cooling methods.

4. They’re Only Fit for New Construction

There is considerable confusion regarding the suitability of ductless air conditioning systems for different homes. Mini-splits are effective in new properties and in existing homes with solid insulation. These systems provide simple installation and require minimal space, making them ideal for homeowners seeking cooling improvements without ductwork.

This primarily benefits homeowners who have added new rooms without ductwork or lack centralized air conditioning. Centralized cooling might be absent entirely when your home is considerably older or situated in specific regions of the country. Retrofitting an entire house with a comprehensive air conditioning setup can be challenging and financially demanding for older properties. Installing ductless air conditioning units can be highly beneficial if you’re seeking enhanced climate control in individual rooms.

5. They Require Regular Maintenance

Choosing a ductless split system for room temperature control provides a notable cost advantage. Split systems lean towards the lower end among the range of HVAC systems from low to high expenses. In reality, a well-designed ductless system necessitates no more maintenance than any other HVAC option.

It’s best to have a technician check your system twice yearly (preferably before summer and winter). However, these guidelines pertain to all HVAC systems, not exclusively mini-splits.

6. They Provide Air Conditioning Only

Although a mini-split can undoubtedly substitute for an air conditioner, its functions extend beyond mere cooling. Functioning as a type of heat pump, a mini-split system operates like an air conditioner but with the added capability of providing both cooling and heating.

During the cooling phase, a mini-split (similar to an AC) extracts heat from the air within your living area. In heating mode, it reverses the process, extracting warmth from the outside air and directing it into your home. Remarkably, this process remains highly efficient even during the colder winter months.

When aiming to enhance your home’s comfort without raising your energy expenses, mini-splits combine adaptability and effectiveness. Moreover, our technicians can find a personalized mini-split with numerous options and configurations that give you greater control over your comfort. Contact Gentry Service Group for professional ductless mini-split installation services today.

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