Our pets are members of the family, and we love including them in our everyday activities. Keeping your home in Hendersonville, North Carolina, clean is an important part of improving your indoor air quality and preventing breathing problems. If you follow some simple steps, you can maintain good indoor air quality in a home that has pets.

Regular Grooming

Both dogs and cats need grooming regularly. Long hair is more noticeable than short hair, but almost all pets lose some hair every day. If you brush your pet frequently, you can control how much hair gets on your furniture and carpet.

You also need to bathe your pets on a regular basis. Cats and dogs that go outside will bring dust into the house and contaminate the air. Washing your pet will remove the dirt and allergens that cover your pet’s fur.

Change the Air Filters

Even if you groom your pets frequently, you need to change your air filters every month. When grooming your pets, their hair, dirt and dander get into the air. Your furnace will circulate the air and trap the allergens in the air filter.

You need to use a high-quality air filter that will collect microscopic particles like pet dander and keep the air clean. If you’re not sure what type of air filter is best for your furnace, our knowledgeable service technicians will be happy to answer your questions.

Use a Quality Vacuum Cleaner

Another important tip to keep your home clean is to purchase a good vacuum cleaner made for cleaning homes with pets. If you have carpet, you need to vacuum no less than every other day. A vacuum with a HEPA filter will help keep the dust and dirt in the vacuum and not release particles into the air. If you use a bagless vacuum, empty the canister outside so the dust isn’t released back inside the house. You can also use a vacuum with attachments to clean your furniture and suck up hair from around your HVAC vents.

Install an Air Purifier

No matter how often you brush and bathe your dog and cats, you may notice a pet smell in your home. You need to clean your cat’s litter box every day and wash your pet’s bedding every week. An easy way to clean and refresh the air in your house is to use an air purifier. There are whole-house systems that work with your furnace to clean the air as it warms and circulates. Some systems also provide a germicidal fog sanitizing option that helps disinfect the air.

You may also want to consider installing an energy recovery ventilator. These units work great during the colder winter months when you might not open your windows and allow fresh air into the home. An ERV brings in fresh outdoor air and warms it before circulating the air into your HVAC system. The fresh air smells great and makes your whole house feel clean and deodorized.

Invest in Duct Cleaning

Even if you vacuum, dust and mop on a regular basis, you may also need to have your HVAC ducts cleaned every year. Some pets love to lie on the heat ducts and enjoy the warm air. Dirt and hair will get into the ducts. Even vacuuming around the area will not remove it all. When your furnace kicks on, you might even notice hair coming out of the vents along with the warm air. This is a sign that you need to call in a professional to clean and sanitize your air ducts.

Cleaning your ducts not only keeps the air clean. It also increases the efficiency of the unit. Removing all the pet hair and dirt from the ducts will allow air to move freely. As a result, your furnace won’t have to work as hard, saving you money on your energy bills.

As you’re getting your home ready for the holiday season, consider some extra HVAC maintenance, especially if you have pets. Call Gentry Heating, Inc at 828-581-4045 today. We can help make sure the air quality inside your home is clean and fresh.

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