When was the last time you replaced your HVAC system? If you’re like most homeowners in Swannanoa, NC, you’ve had the same system the entire time you’ve lived in your house. The next time your air conditioner or heater is having issues, consider a full replacement.

How Do You Know When It’s Time?

Have you recently purchased an older home? Its heating and cooling system could be closer to the end of its life than you think. If you aren’t sure if your HVAC system needs updating, heed the warning signs. Some are obvious and some are subtle. Here’s why you should replace your HVAC system sooner rather than later:

  • Energy Bills: Outdated HVAC systems are less efficient than their modern counterparts. The money you spend replacing your old unit may otherwise go to bigger utility bills.
  • Automatic: Modern HVAC systems have smart features, meaning they can be automatically turned on and off or controlled from your cell phone, adding to the money-saving efficiency.
  • Zones: You could have the option for a zoned HVAC system, meaning you can make some rooms cooler than others simultaneously.
  • Ductless: Ductless HVAC systems require less power to function, resulting in lower energy bills and fewer maintenance headaches.

It’s Old

Most HVAC systems have a lifespan of 10 to 15 years. Check the warranty on yours to see its age. Updating an older system will do wonders for the power and efficiency of your home this summer. Of course, an HVAC system will only last for 10-15 years if you undertake proper maintenance on it as scheduled in the warranty.

Weak Airflow

Does your home not seem as cool or hot as the temperature you set on the thermostat? A variety of factors could be the culprit, one of which being weak airflow. Hold your hand up to the vents when the system is running to see if the air is blowing aggressively enough. A malfunctioning heat pump or air compressor or dirty air filters could be the root cause.

Strange Noises

Are you hearing strange noises coming when your HVAC system is on? This could be caused by multiple parts of your system, including the following.

  • Squealing: If you hear a squealing sound, one of the belts could be starting to go out. If it’s extremely loud, your belt could be about to snap at any moment.
  • Grinding: A grinding sound usually indicates the motor’s ball bearings are no longer good.
  • Banging: A banging sound means that air is trapped somewhere in the system.

No Cold Air

In some instances, the HVAC system will fail to blow cold air completely. This is a common occurrence in older units that’s reoccurring in many cases. This means you’ll need regular repairs. Generally, the lack of cold air is a signal that the compressor is failing.

This situation definitely requires the attention of a professional. In most cases, the solution is a full replacement. It must be addressed immediately to keep your home cool and safe during the hottest part of the summer.

Constant Repairs

Do you have your HVAC company on speed dial? If you do, add up the amount you’ve spent on repairs in the last two years. Now, compare it to the cost of a full replacement. You may be surprised at how favorably the price of a full replacement stacks up against the ongoing repairs you’re shelling out for, especially when you consider the money saved on energy bills over time.

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