Unless they break down, heating and cooling systems aren’t at the forefront of the minds of most homeowners. However, people should know that even when they’re running optimally, HVAC components should get checkups annually. The weather is starting to warm up in Marion, NC. Here are five reasons now is the perfect time for residents to schedule their HVAC maintenance:

Cleaner Air

You may not realize that the quality of the air inside of your home is far more toxic than the air outside. Dirty ductwork is the key source of indoor air pollution. Dust and debris inside duct systems are a breeding ground for bacteria and other germs that are harmful to you, your children and your pets.

When it’s cold outside and the heat is on, dust and debris have months to collect on components like filters and coils. Inevitably, this ends up in the air throughout your home. Scheduling maintenance now ensures that your system is clean and ready for you to close the windows again without concerns about your family’s health.

More Efficient Cooling

Recommending regular maintenance checks isn’t a marketing tactic. The energy efficiency experts at Energy.gov say that not keeping your air conditioning system clean and regularly maintained only leads to it being less capable of cooling.

There are a few things you can do before the season yourself. Some of the include:

  • Changing the filter.
  • Wiping the coils.
  • Bending the coil fins back into place.
  • Unclogging the condensate drain.
  • Checking seals around window units.

The seals should have no cracks, and there should be no drafts. Keeping the condensate drains unclogged will keep humidity under control and save your walls and carpet from water stains. The other three go to enhancing airflow while wiping the coils also allows them to absorb heat properly.

Performing all of these tasks in the spring will give your system the best chance to run efficiently. While this preventive maintenance goes a long way, you’ll want a professional for more complex chores like pressure testing, checking refrigerant levels and fixing any broken parts.

Save Money

The more a cooling system has to work to do its job, like bringing in the air or reducing humidity, the more energy it uses. This extra effort is evident on your power bill. When you perform all of the steps above, you’re helping your wallet, too.

Another reason to have an HVAC expert involved is that they can alert you to things that can save you even more money. For example, if no one is home most of the day yet you don’t have a programmable thermostat, they’ll point this out.

Save Time and Inconvenience

People usually find out their AC system isn’t working when they turn it on for the first hot day, which means HVAC companies will be busy once hot weather hits. By thinking ahead and scheduling your appointment now, you’ll likely be able to set it when it’s convenient for you and potentially avoid the hassle of having to wait for weeks in the heat.

Peace of Mind

Having our service technician come out and perform HVAC maintenance during the spring gives you the peace of mind that when the mercury climbs, your AC system is going to kick on with no issue. You’ll know for sure once we leave that your system is not only working but running as efficiently as possible. A pro will also be able to spot problems waiting to happen and advise you of anything broken, thereby fending off surprise breakdowns mid-summer.

Preventive measures are vital to extending the lifespan of your HVAC system and improving your quality of life. At Gentry Heating, Inc. (now Gentry Service Group), we offer various HVAC maintenance services and plans. Schedule a spring tuneup online or give us a call.

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