A furnace upgrade is a significant financial outlay, so many Flat Rock, NC, homeowners seek strategies to prolong the length of their furnaces. Preventative maintenance is essential for extending its life. Continue reading to learn how to make your furnace last longer than its normal life cycle.

Change Furnace Filters

The first step in prolonging the lifespan of your heating system is to change the filter on a regular basis. You don’t have to wait 90 days before replacing the filter; instead, check it every 45 days to determine if it’s dirty. This is critical in extending the life of your furnace.

It’s highly suggested that you change the filter once every month in homes with pets. Vacuuming air registers weekly to eliminate pet dander can also help your heating system last longer.

Make Use of the Proper Furnace Filter

In addition to replacing the filter on a regular basis, it’s critical to use the correct one. If you use a filter that isn’t suitable for your heater, your furnace may suffer unnecessarily. Our knowledgeable service specialists can do a quick inspection of your heating unit and recommend the best filter for it.

Keep Your Ductwork Clean

Another factor that can contribute to poor indoor air in your Flat Rock home is filthy ductwork. Furthermore, pet, dander, dust and other impurities accumulate in your ducts, causing clogs. These impediments make your heating system operate harder to maintain your comfort while also contaminating your interior air.

Duct leakage is another problem with ducts that impacts how long your heating system lasts. Duct leaks can cause you to lose up to 30% of your heated or cooled air, increasing your energy expenditures.

Upgrade to a Programmable Thermostat

Installing a smart thermostat is another simple technique to prolong the lifespan of your heating system. This sort of thermostat allows you to program your heating. Whenever you’re away, set the thermostat to a more conservative temperature.

As a consequence, you’ll save on heating costs while also reducing tear and wear on your heating unit. Invest in a Wi-Fi-enabled thermostat that lets you control your temperature remotely from your smartphone when you’re not at home.

Maintain Set Temperatures

Maintaining a steady temperature on your thermostat extends the lifespan of your furnace. One common fallacy is that increasing the temperature on your thermostat will cause the system to heat your home faster. This isn’t true, and altering your thermostat whenever you don’t need to do it adds to the strain on your heating system and its parts.

Schedule Regular Furnace Maintenance

Preventive maintenance and tune-ups are essential for extending the lifecycle of your heating unit. Our professionals will evaluate the heating unit for broken parts and thoroughly clean it.

In addition, we may examine and clean your ducting as required. Cleaning the unit enhances heating efficiency and increases furnace life. It also enhances indoor air quality by lowering the quantity of dust and grime in the air.

Please contact us if you discover your furnace isn’t working as it should. Allowing the system to function with worn or broken parts can severely impair its efficiency and shorten its lifecycle.

Repair Air Leaks in Your Home

Another crucial factor in extending the lifespan of your heating unit is to seal any air leaks. This is due to air leaks, which enable warm air to exit from the ducting.

As a consequence, the furnace has to work more to maintain the proper temperature in your house. This increases your system’s tear and wear, which can contribute to more frequent malfunctions and greater energy costs.

Gentry Service Group specializes in furnace repair and maintenance services. We possess years of expertise assisting residents in Flat Rock, NC, in extending the lifespan of their furnace systems. Contact us to find out more on how we could help you extend the life of your heating system and keep your home warm.

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