Blackouts aren’t all common in Asheville, North Carolina. However, this part of the country has its fair share of severe weather that threatens to put the power down for hours or days at a time. You don’t have to wait around for the power company to service your area, though. If you’ve never considered a home generator, here are some reasons that make buying one a no-brainer:

Reducing Loss

If weather knocks out the power to your home for days or even a week, you may have substantial losses without a home generator. There’s a potential for damage to your electrical, plumbing and HVAC systems, while all food in your home gets tossed. With a home generator, you don’t have to worry about incurring heavy financial losses as the unit keeps your home operational just as it is with normal grid power.

Protecting Your Family

The Asheville area has both temperature extremes, falling to bone-chilling temperatures in winter as well as boiling temps in the summer. If your power goes out during either of these times, the result is catastrophic and dangerous. Not only does your family’s health suffer, but the only remedy is to find a hotel. This only ends up costing you more money. Home generators alleviate these concerns by providing enough juice to keep your air conditioner or furnace operating at full capacity.

Adding Convenience

Unlike a portable generator, a home generator comes connected directly into your home’s power supply. When the power goes out, all you have to do is flick a switch to turn it back on. Some units even come with an automatic on feature, so you’ll never even know when the power has gone down. When these units come on, they also act as full distributors of power to every part of the home, including electrical outlets, appliances and other places that need some juice.

Don’t get left out in the cold, heat or darkness by not having a generator. Instead, contact Gentry Heating, Inc. (now Gentry Service Group) today for all your home generator needs.

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