When you detect unusual smells in the house, your heat pump is one of the culprits that could be causing the odors. Various heat pump smells occur due to different issues. This post will discuss heat pump odors in Swannanoa, NC, and what they mean.

1. Dead Animals

During the colder months, rodents and birds may enter your heat pump’s outdoor component, looking for warmth. These animals become trapped inside, die, and decompose in the unit.

In such cases, you will detect a rotten egg smell from your system. Request a professional technician to open your system and remove the trapped animals.

2. Poor Drainage

A heat pump removes excess humidity in the indoor air and transfers the moisture to the outside. The moisture collects within a pan before drain lines relay it outdoors.

With time, dirt and debris may build up on the drain lines and block them. Blocked drain lines cannot relay the water; hence, the moisture stagnates on the drain pan.

Biological contaminants start growing in this stagnant water, resulting in a musty smell. Schedule regular maintenance to unblock clogged parts of your heat pump.

3. Friction or Burning Electrical Components

Insufficient lubrication causes friction between your heat pump’s moving components. The friction produces a burning smell.

You may also get this smell when the rubber coating of your heat pump’s wire is burning. Whenever you detect a burning smell, shut down your system immediately and seek repair services.

4. Refrigerant Leaks

Refrigerant transfers heat from one area to another, enabling the heat pump to heat or cool your house. When this fluid leaks, it produces a smell similar to exhaust fumes. Refrigerant leaks damage the environment, so it is crucial to address the issue immediately.

Heat pump smells mostly indicate your heating and cooling system is in trouble. Contact Gentry Service Group for professional heating services whenever you detect weird odors. Our technicians will find the cause of these odors and promptly address them.

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