Cooling costs can represent a significant part of your energy bills during the hot months. You may be tempted to reduce AC usage, but the sometimes unbearable heat makes constant air conditioning a necessity in your Swannanoa-area home. Thankfully, there are some simple measures you can implement to reduce cooling expenses without sacrificing comfort this summer.

Clean the Filters

Dirty filters reduce the efficiency of your air conditioning system and increase your energy costs. How often you change or clean your filter depends on the type of filter and how heavily you rely on the system. Some filters will need to be changed monthly. If you have reusable air filters in your unit, clean them with water and soap and let them air dry before replacing.

Window Coverings

Whether through air leaks or heat transfer, windows can account for significant loss of cooling in your home. You can save energy by using window coverings. This inexpensive step can mean big savings. Add curtains, shades, or window tint on windows that receive the most sunlight. Keep curtains and blinds closed as much as possible during the day as well.

Give Your House Natural Shade

Most of the heat that builds up in your house comes from the effect of sunlight on your home. Window coverings go a long way, but landscaping can provide additional benefits. To help block the sunlight, consider planting trees around your house to provide some natural shade. Strategically placed trees can reduce cooling costs by up to 30 percent.

Program Your Thermostat

If no one is home during the day there is no reason to maintain low settings and keep the air conditioner running unnecessarily. A programmable thermostat will allow you to better regulate the temperature to match your home’s activities and the needs of occupants. Simply setting your air conditioner four to six degrees warmer when you are away means savings on your energy bill.

For more ways to reduce your cooling costs, contact Gentry Heating, Inc. at (828) 581-4045. Our experienced technicians providing knowledgeable service, together with highly efficient and reliable systems mean more ways you can cut your cooling costs. Give us a call today, and start saving!

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