If it’s time to shop for a new heating system, consider purchasing a unit with energy efficiency features that will help you save money. Over the past decade, HVAC design engineers have developed certain features that make modern heating systems more energy efficient. The less energy you use to heat your Asheville, NC home, the more money you save on your annual energy expenditures. 

Though you may need to invest a little more in a heating system with energy efficiency features, you will conserve energy over the life of the unit, costing you less to operate than a standard heating system. Depending on the energy you conserve, the savings may total up to hundreds of dollars per year. 

Five high efficiency furnace features that will help you conserve energy to save money and preserve the environment include:

1.) Variable Heat Output

Also known as “two stage heating,” systems equipped with variable heat output provide consistent heat at lower cost. The furnace runs at lower speeds up to 80 percent of the time, conserving energy and saving money. Compared to a unit that runs at maximum speed 100 percent of the time, this feature can save you hundreds of dollars over a heating season. 

2.) Variable Speed Blowers

Variable speed blowers allow the unit to run at lowers speeds during times when the heating demand is lower. With two or more speeds, variable speed blowers save energy by only running at the highest speed when necessary. 

3.) Dual Heat Exchangers

All furnaces have a heat exchanger, but dual heat exchanges are available as a high efficiency features. Dual heat exchangers collect more heat from the burners, improving the energy efficiency of the unit.

4.) Electronic Ignition

For heating systems powered by natural gas or propane, electronic ignition saves energy by replacing the pilot light. The pilot light steadily burns, consuming a continuous supply of fuel. Electronic ignition replaces the pilot light component for more energy savings. 

5.) High Efficiency Filters

Though you can use highly efficient filters in any heating system, newer units are built to accommodate these filters. The MERV rating is the efficiency rating used to evaluate the effectiveness of filters. The higher the MERV rating, the more efficient the filter for capturing particulates in the air. In other words, the higher the MERV number, the smaller the particulate that can be captured by the filter. 

Gas vs. Electric

Heating systems powered by natural gas are generally less costly to run because natural gas is a less expensive energy source than electricity. If you are selecting a heating system for new construction, consider installing an energy efficient natural gas furnace. 

When it’s time to purchase new HVAC equipment, you can trust Gentry Heating, Inc. to provide you with information about the right unit for your home. As a factory authorized Carrier dealer, Gentry Heating, Inc. maintains the highest standards for our customers. One of our qualified technicians can introduce you to a variety of energy efficient heating equipment and feature options when you are ready to replace your existing unit in Asheville, NC.

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