The unseen network of air ducts that runs through your Tryon, NC home can be a hidden source of pollutants. Every time that your central air conditioning or heating system cycles on, airborne contaminants are sucked into the ducts and blown back out into your living spaces. Air duct cleaning can result in a cleaner and healthier environment, but experts recommend that homeowners don’t take it on as a DIY project. The following explains why it’s so important to ensure that an experienced and skilled professional cleans the ducts in your home.

A Balanced System

Ductwork not only distributes conditioned air throughout your home but returns stale air to your heater or air conditioner as well. For the ducts to work safely and efficiently, the supply side must remain in perfect balance with the return side. While it may seem like a simple DIY project to insert a vacuum hose into the ducts to suck out some dust bunnies, partial cleaning can upset the system’s balance and lead to more problems, including costly duct repairs. DIY air duct cleaning can also impair the HVAC system’s efficiency, drive up your energy bills and can make poor indoor air quality even worse.

The Roto Brush Duct Cleaning System

At Gentry Heating, our duct cleaning specialists use the Roto Brush method to clear your ductwork of pollutants without damaging the ducts. The process begins with a complete inspection of your ductwork system to assess the system’s condition. Using a rotating soft-bristled brush connected to a high powered vacuum, experienced technicians clean your ducts quickly and efficiently without causing a mess. Benefits of cleaning ducts with the Roto Brush system include:

  • Improved air quality
  • A fresh-smelling home
  • A reduction in allergy symptoms
  • Elimination of biological contaminants like mold and mildew in ductwork
  • Enhanced HVAC system efficiency
  • Longer HVAC system operating life

Long-Term Air Quality Solutions

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) lists indoor air pollution as a major environmental threat, citing studies that show indoor air is typically many times more contaminated than outdoor air in large cities. Fortunately, a number of healthy air products can resolve problems with indoor air quality. Installed within your existing ductwork, whole-house air filtration systems are among the most effective solutions. These high-tech systems are equipped with filters that trap contaminants as air passes through them. Some systems come with features like ultraviolet lights that kill airborne viruses and bacteria. Others feature electrostatic precipitators that use an electrical charge to capture particulates on a collector plate.

As an eco-conscious HVAC provider, Gentry Heating enjoys a well-earned reputation for offering products and services that make your home a safer, healthier and more comfortable environment while enhancing your home’s overall energy efficiency. Contact us today for professional solutions that improve the quality of your life at home.

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