Your home’s heating system is one of its most valuable components. Many people in Montreat, NC, delay hiring professional service technicians because they struggle to find reliable providers. North American Technician Excellence certifies HVAC professionals. Here are four benefits of hiring a NATE-certified service technician for your next installation, repair or maintenance service:

Meet Manufacturer Warranty Requirements

Firstly, manufacturers package warranties with high-value items like HVAC systems. By doing so, they relieve the concerns of buyers. In the modern heating and cooling industry, consumers expect manufacturers to include them.

Terms and conditions are long and include legal language that’s difficult to understand. To remain valid, almost all warranties specify hiring certified HVAC service technicians to install and repair heating systems. By having NATE-certified service technicians work on your heater, you’ll keep your equipment’s warranty valid.

Count on Trust and Accountability

Secondly, NATE is North America’s largest certifier of HVAC service technicians. The nonprofit organization ensures service technicians can perform high-level work. With their ongoing recertification requirements and multiple training programs, rest assured you can count on NATE-certified service technicians.

Avoid Future Problems

Thirdly, it’s possible to fix some heating-related problems with temporary solutions. While they initially provide relief, these low-budget remedies eventually fail.

To pass NATE exams, service technicians must prove their skills in field tests. With professional licensure on the line, NATE-certified service technicians strive to perform excellent work. This dedication to quality helps you avoid HVAC problems in the future.

Boost Efficiency

Finally, if you go furnace, boiler or heat pump shopping, you’ll find that manufacturers widely advertise energy efficiency. Although heaters are capable of being highly efficient, improper installation can impair their efficiency. NATE educates service technicians about performing heat load tests and other assessments to determine heating system needs. They know how to get the most from your home’s HVAC system.

For example, leaving small ductwork to handle a larger heater’s airflow could cause problems. This mismatch could place strain on the unit. As a result, it’ll hinder the heater’s efficiency. NATE-certified service technicians know not to overlook these discrepancies. As such, they help you keep your system energy efficient.

Do you need heater service? If so, contact Gentry Heating, Inc. (now Gentry Service Group). Our service technicians maintain NATE certification, ensuring you receive high-quality heating maintenance and repair services.

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