From massive summertime thunderstorms to winter’s blizzards, there’s no shortage of extreme weather in Black Mountain, North Carolina. While this type of weather causes travel inconveniences, it can also leave you without power for days or even weeks. You can weather the storm with a generator that provides much-needed power for comfort, work or entertainment.

Prevent Repairs and Save Money

One of the top benefits of a home generator is that it can prevent major repairs and other monetary losses. When the power goes out, every perishable item your refrigerator or freezer is at risk of spoiling. With the rising cost of groceries, this can easily cost you several hundred dollars. But with a high-quality generator, you avoid this problem.

You may also get caught paying for repairs and cleanup if your sump pump fails or a pipe bursts in your home. When temperatures drop below freezing, all of your pipes are suddenly exposed to the elements, putting them at risk of bursting. When this happens, your basement can flood, costing hundreds or even thousands of dollars in cleanup costs.

Don’t Get Left Out in the Cold or Heat

When your power goes out during a major storm, you’re at the mercy of the outdoor temperature. It’s irrelevant whether it hits triple digits or falls well below freezing.
In either case, you’re still uncomfortable in your home.

Fortunately, modern home generators turn on automatically when the power goes out. Your furnace or air conditioner will turn on when you need it most, providing excellent home comfort.

Stay Working and Playing

If you work from home or have children, you can’t afford to be without power for more than a few hours. This makes a generator not only convenient but also necessary. Even if your internet is out, you can still work offline or watch movies with your family.

Keep your home comfortable and your life in order with a home generator. Contact Gentry Heating Inc. today at 828-581-4045 to learn about our generator products and services.

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