Heat pumps are reliable and energy-efficient HVAC systems. Your heat pump will cool you in summer and warm you during the cold days in Enka, NC. But you have to maintain it properly. Below are three ways to prepare your pump for the winter.

Schedule a Heater Tuneup

Heat pumps require professional preventive maintenance in the spring and fall. In fall, the tuneup gets your heat pump ready for the cold weather. During the tuneup, our service technician will lubricate all the moving parts and inspect them for damages. They will also:

  • Check the chambers and other components.
  • Verify refrigerant charge and amount.
  • Check for leaks.
  • Clean the coils.
  • Change the air filter.
  • Adjust the blower components.
  • Review system controls among other activities.

These activities will ensure your heat pump runs efficiently all winter. A tuneup will also lengthen the heat pump’s lifespan and save you money on energy bills.

Clean Around Your System

The exterior unit of your heat pump needs to be in a clear area. Any leaves, branches and other debris should be away from the pump. Ensure there’s a clear two-foot area around the heat pump’s exterior unit to promote the free flow of air.

If there are any problems with airflow, our HVAC service technician can help you inspect and identify the issue. In the meantime, don’t landscape around the exterior heat pump unit.

Inspect Your System

Several other components need inspection. You should:

  • Replace or clean the air filters.
  • Make sure you don’t have furniture or objects blocking the vents.
  • Look out for any leaks.

One of our HVAC professionals can check your home’s insulation and advice you on how to use the doors and windows to ensure your home is ready for winter. When it’s time to replace a component on your heat pump, fall is the best time to do that.

If you observe heat pump maintenance routines, your system will be ready at all times. Call Gentry Service Group today for heating services and other HVAC repair, installation and maintenance in Enka, NC.

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