Arden NC experiences unforgivingly cold winters, which means a properly working heater is essential. There is an array of reasons why your furnace in Arden NC might not be working properly. You may need to contact a furnace repair technician, but you can try to troubleshoot and diagnose the issue yourself first.

Check the Setting
Determine if your heater is actually turned on. If the thermostat is set to auto or cool, your heater will not kick in. Turn the temperature gauge to a few degrees above the current room temperature. If your furnace in Arden NC will still not start, you need to continue troubleshooting.

Check for Electrical Issues
Find your power switch and make sure it is in the “on” position. Your electrical panel is usually located near your system. Some panels are in the garage or in the utility room. Check to see if there is a blown or tripped fuse. A blown fuse in Arden NC is a relatively easy to fix with the installation of a new fuse. If the fuse has tripped, turn it completely to the off position and then fully back on.

Reset The Safety Button
Each Arden NC heating system has a safety button. This button is usually red or yellow. If your system has overloaded, the safety button will pop out. Give your system time to adequately cool down. Restart your system by pushing the button back in. Your heater should begin working within one minute. If it does not or the system turns off again, contact Gentry Heating, Inc. and schedule a service call.

Check the Fuel Supply
If you have a gas heater, determine if the gas is turned on. The valve needs to be set completely over to the open position. If you have a propane heater, make sure that your propane tank is not empty. Oil-based heaters have a gauge that allows you to check how much oil you have left for use.

Check Your Filter
A forced air heater has a filter that must be regularly cleaned and changed. A clogged or filthy filter will cause your system to not work properly. You will have a less efficient furnace if your filter is dirty. The service experts at Gentry Heating, Inc. recommend cleaning your filter every three to four weeks during the cold season. Replace your filter every three months when your furnace is being regularly used. A good rule of thumb on filter replacement is if it looks gray after cleaning, it is time to replace your furnace filter.

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