It’s almost impossible to avoid all air conditioning and heating problems in Enka, NC, but there are plenty of ways to prepare for them. Some people use the terms “home warranty” and “maintenance plan” interchangeably. However, there are distinct differences between the two.


A home warranty is a contract that’s similar to insurance. It’s designed to keep you from having to pay the full price of repairs, service and replacement.

You’ll still have to pay fees every time an HVAC service technician visits you. It just won’t be as high as it would have been without the home warranty. You’ll make a monthly payment and can opt for additional coverage on certain appliances.

A maintenance plan is another contractual service, but unlike a home warranty, it includes periodic visits in the cost. It has services built into the plan.

Appointment Scheduling

When you call in for service based on your warranty, there’s no guarantee when someone will arrive to fix your issue. You’ll have to wait until the appointment date they give you. However, with a maintenance plan, you’ll have predetermined times when service technicians come to your home to work on your system.

In an emergency, an HVAC maintenance plan eliminates the wait time before someone comes to check your system. The maintenance plan gives you priority, so you’ll generally have same-day service in an emergency. This isn’t necessarily the case with a home warranty.

Repair Vs. Prevention

Generally, you’ll call in on your home warranty when your system needs repair, service or replacing. However, a maintenance plan is all about prevention. Under a maintenance plan, service technicians will come out periodically to inspect your unit and perform a comprehensive check.

Annual maintenance plans are a cost-effective and efficient way to protect your heating and cooling system. If you’d like to enroll in a maintenance plan, contact us at Gentry Heating, Inc. (now Gentry Service Group).

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