As a homeowner in Asheville, NC, you might be wondering whether or not your gas furnace needs electricity to operate. In the event that the electricity goes out, you do not want to be unpleasantly surprised to find that your home is without heat. A gas furnace in Asheville, NC does require electricity for several of its components in order for it to operate efficiently and safely. Our heating and air conditioning service technicians at Gentry Heating Inc. explain which gas furnace components require the use of electrical power, what you can do to ensure your furnace will work if the power goes out and how to make sure your furnace is safe to use.

Electric Ignition

In order for your furnace to start up a heating cycle, it uses an electrical ignition or starter. Electricity is required for this switch to ignite the natural gas. 

Gas Valve

The gas valve is a safety device used to control the flow of gas from the pipeline into the furnace. This valve starts and shuts down the gas flow into the combustion chamber of the furnace.

Fan Motors

Your furnace has two fans that each have a different function. One of the fans works to blow the heated air into the air ducts of your home. The motor of this fan requires electricity. The other fan in the gas fired furnace sends the waste products of the combustion process to the outdoors. These byproducts include toxic carbon monoxide and nitrogen dioxide gases.

Programmable Thermostat

If your furnace is controlled by a programmable thermostat, this also needs electricity to function. Systems controlled by a programmable thermostat will not get the information to turn on during a power outage.

During a Power Outage

In the event of a power outage, you can use a generator to provide enough electricity to operate the thermostat, fan motors, gas valve and ignition of your furnace. Whether you use a portable generator or a permanent one, be sure to hire an expert to show you how to use the generator and hook up the furnace to it. Generators can cause serious health effects or even start a fire if not used properly.

Furnace Service

If your furnace has an electrical problem, our heating service technicians will get it fixed quickly. We offer convenient emergency repair service 24/7/365 throughout the Asheville, NC area. Our customer service is always available, day or night, to take your request for a repair.

At Gentry Heating Inc., we service your residential gas furnace in Asheville, NC with the utmost of care and the highest quality of customer service available in the area. Our trusted heating and air conditioning service technicians offer service that is reliable, efficient and affordable. We offer expert advice, maintenance, repairs and installation for all makes and models of gas furnaces as well as heat pumps and other HVAC equipment. For more information about how your furnace works or to schedule a service appointment, contact our team at any time.

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