As a homeowner in Tryon NC, you might be wondering what you can do this year to lower your monthly heating and air conditioning costs. For most homeowners, the costs of heating and cooling are the greatest proportion of monthly gas and electricity bills. By making the home more energy efficient, those utility bills can decrease for good. One economical and environmentally friendly way to lower utility costs is to add attic insulation. Our heating and air conditioning service technicians at Gentry Heating Inc. explain how attic insulation really does help lower utility costs.

Reduced Heat Exchange 

The primary benefit of insulated attics is that they reduce unwanted heat exchange with the outdoors. During the winter, losing heat to the outdoors means that the furnace has to work harder to keep up with the setting on the thermostat. During the summer, infiltration of outdoor heat into the home causes the air conditioner to work harder, resulting in a hotter upstairs and higher electricity bills. Adding enough insulation to meet the recommended R-value for the locale and type of home can help reduce this unwanted exchange of air.

Consistent Temperatures

During the winter months, the upper level of your home might be warmer than the lower levels because hot air rises. This is also a result of insufficient attic insulation. A well insulated attic will bring about a more consistent level of comfort throughout all levels of the home. More consistency of temperature also means less work for the HVAC system, as it will not have to deal with wide temperature variances or extremes between levels of the home. Your family will enjoy the improved level of comfort throughout the space as well.

Insulating against the Elements

When an attic is poorly insulated, the space may be infiltrated by humidity, precipitation and even bugs or vermin. Adding the right amount of insulation can prevent excess humidity and liquid or frozen precipitation from entering the attic space, which protects the space and anything stored inside of it. Making sure any gaps are insulated also prevents vermin and insects from getting into the attic and damaging or destroying its structure or the materials stored within the area.

At Gentry Heating Inc., we take pride in offering environmentally friendly, cost efficient and effective solutions for indoor comfort. Since 1963, our experienced heating and air conditioning service technicians have served the community’s HVAC needs with integrity, accuracy and trustworthiness. By helping our customers save money on monthly heating and air conditioning costs, we have been able to build a solid reputation for excellence in customer service and satisfaction. Our team of heating and air conditioning service technicians looks forward to helping each customer and member of the community enjoy consistent and affordable home comfort.

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