As the owner of a home in Skyland, NC, you might be wondering whether that old tank of heating oil can still be used as a way to warm your home this winter. Depending on how it was stored, heating oil in Skyland, NC may still be okay to use even if it has been sitting in a storage tank for a decade. Our heating and air conditioning service technicians explain what to look for in the oil storage tank and what you should do if you are unsure about the quality of the oil before using it for heating.

About Oil for Home Heating
Oil for home heating is a petroleum product usually stored in above ground storage tanks that can hold several hundred to several thousand gallons of the oil. The storage tank for the oil is usually located in the basement, garage, outbuilding or outdoors and adjacent to the home. As a fuel, oil for home heating is similar to diesel fuel and some homeowners even use the substance to operate diesel engines. The storage of oil for home heating is regulated by environmental agencies due to the propensity of the tanks to leak as the weathering process causes the tank to deteriorate.

Lifespan of Heating Oil
When properly stored, oil for home heating may be effective for up to twenty years. However, storage tanks that become aged can result in contamination of the fuel, possibly rendering it unsafe to use. Over time, the metal of the storage tank may rust. Pieces of the rusted material can flake off into the oil. Dust, rain, dirt, insects, animals and mold may also get into the oil within the storage tank. When the oil has been sitting in the tank, heat, humidity and cold may cause the components to separate, leaving a layer of water on top of the petroleum layers.

How To Determine Whether the Oil Is Safe to Use
If the oil looks and smells the same as a newly delivered supply of oil, it may be safe to use. Some homeowners collect a sample of the oil from the tank and put it into a glass to determine whether the fluid has particles floating in it. Our heating and air conditioning service technicians are available to come to your home to inspect the oil and tank for you any time.

At Gentry Heating Inc., our experienced heating, ventilation and air conditioning service technicians have assisted Skyland, NC homeowners with HVAC issues since 1963. By offering our expert advice, we can help you determine whether your heating oil will effectively, safely and efficiently work to warm your home this winter. Our company goal is to ensure your comfort and complete satisfaction with the heating and cooling services we provide. When you need professional assistance with an oil fired furnace or boiler, our experts are ready to assist you. To schedule maintenance or repairs of your oil heating system, call us at Gentry Heating Inc. at any time.

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