Ductless air conditioners, for all of their flexibility and efficiency, are not immune to problems. One such problem, which homeowners in Etowah, NC, must act quickly to resolve, is the sudden appearance of a water leak. Here are some common reasons a ductless AC system might leak water:

Dirty Filters

Each of the indoor air handler units in a ductless AC system has its own filters. Over time, debris will accumulate on the mesh of these filters. Some of it may find its way onto the evaporator coils in the system.

If that happens, the airflow through the ductless air conditioner will diminish, the interior temperature will fall and ice will gather on the coils. When that ice melts, the ductless AC system will leak water. To prevent this, remember to clean the air filters in each of your indoor units about once every two weeks.

Damaged Drain Pan

Ductless air conditioners generate condensate as they work, but they have a built-in means to get rid of the resulting water. The drain pan gathers all of the condensate that the mini-split produces, making it crucial to the disposal process. However, if the pan rusts, cracks or sustains any other kind of damage, water may easily leak out of it.

Clogged Drain Line

The purpose of the drain line is to take condensate that has gathered in the drain pan and move it outside. If debris finds its way into the drain line, it’ll obstruct this process, possibly causing the water to overflow and creating a leak.

One of the primary purposes of regular maintenance for your ductless mini-split is to clear such blockages. If you schedule maintenance twice a year, you may even prevent them altogether.

Never ignore a leak from your ductless AC system. As soon as you see one, call us at Gentry Service Group and schedule ductless AC repair services in Etowah, NC.

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