Whether you are looking to replace your current unit or want to learn more about the different options in the market, it’s important to understand the difference between the various types of HVAC systems. Discover three benefits of ductless air conditioning and heating before making a long-term decision for your Asheville, North Carolina, home.

Better Indoor Air Quality

Going ductless can help improve your home’s indoor air quality. That’s because traditional HVAC systems use air filters that tend to accumulate dust and other harmful particles. Meanwhile, ductless air conditioning systems feature washable filters that make it easier to remove allergens from your home’s air.

Even better, more advanced ductless units can also help control humidity in your home. These mini-splits remove moisture from your indoor air and help keep your family healthy.

Quick and Easy Installation

Mini-split units don’t require any ductwork, which makes their installation process a lot easier and faster than central air conditioners. Forget waiting hours on end for maximum home comfort. Our team of experts can install your ductless unit in just a matter of hours.

Control Comfort by Zones

If reaching the most comfortable temperature in your home has become an issue among family members, you’ll love ductless air conditioning and heating systems. Multi-split systems have zoning options, which means that you can control the temperature in each room individually from each other. Get ready to say hello to personalized comfort and goodbye to fights over who controls the thermostat.

Lower Energy Costs

Central air conditioners require homeowners to cool the entire home at once, which can lead to energy waste. On the other hand, ductless units are designed to focus on either a single room or a connected area of your home. As a result, you won’t have to waste energy cooling empty rooms. Many ductless air conditioning units are also Energy Star certified. This can help you save 10 percent or more on your energy costs.

Ready to upgrade your cooling system? Our installation experts are here to help. Contact Gentry Heating, Inc. today to learn more about ductless air conditioning and heating.

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