At Gentry Service Group, we’ve always been committed to providing our customers with top-notch HVAC services to preserve your comfort all year. Today, we’re thrilled to announce a significant expansion to our service offerings. Gentry Service Group is now providing comprehensive electrical services in and around Swannanoa, NC!

Why Did We Decide To Do This?

Why did we decide to add electrical services? The answer is simple: to better serve you. Our goal has always been to be your go-to solution for home comfort and safety. By adding electrical services, we can now offer a more holistic approach to your home maintenance needs. As a result, we’ll ensure your home’s systems work seamlessly together.

What Electrical Services Do We Offer?

Our new electrical services cover a wide range of needs, from minor repairs to major installations. Here are just a few of the services we now provide:

  • Electrical Repairs: Whether it’s a faulty switch, a tripping breaker, or flickering lights, our skilled electricians can diagnose and fix the issue efficiently and safely.

  • New Installations: Need new lighting fixtures, ceiling fans, or outlets installed? We’re the team to call. We can handle installations with precision, ensuring everything is up to code.

  • Panel Upgrades: If you have an outdated electrical panel, it might not be able to handle the demands of modern appliances and electronics. We offer panel upgrades to keep your home’s electrical system running smoothly.

  • Safety Inspections: Electrical safety is paramount. Our thorough inspections can identify potential hazards and ensure your home’s electrical system is safe and reliable.

Why Choose Gentry Service Group?

With the same dedication and expertise that you’ve come to expect from our HVAC services, our licensed electricians are ready to provide you with top-quality electrical solutions. We prioritize your safety, comfort and satisfaction in every job we undertake.

We’re excited to bring these new services to our valued customers. If you have any electrical needs or questions, don’t hesitate to contact us. Call Gentry Service Group to learn more and schedule an appointment. Thank you for trusting Gentry Service Group with your home comfort needs. We look forward to continuing to serve you with the same excellence.

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