You may love the stretch from Halloween to Christmas, but if you aren’t careful, you might cause your energy bills to skyrocket. That’s because there are many myths surrounding energy efficiency during these months. Knowing what’s fact and fiction is part of the battle, so once you’re informed, you can use the best energy practices in your Black Mountain, North Carolina, home. Here are a few fall and winter energy myths that wreak havoc on your attempt at savings.

The Fireplace Myth

There’s nothing more relaxing or romantic than plopping down beside a big fire with that special someone. While you might feel the warmth, the fireplace is actually a huge energy vampire, sucking your wallet dry each month.

To properly vent the fireplace, you need to open the damper. This lets smoke out through the chimney and cold air in from the outside. If you forget to close the damper after the fire’s done, you might have an even bigger problem on your hands. 

Outside of Halloween, you don’t need any more vampires. So unless you’re looking for a certain ambiance, stick to your furnace.

The Thermostat Myth

While an inferno theme is a nice touch for that next Halloween party, it’s not something you necessarily want in your home in terms of temperature, even if it’s chilly outside. However, people routinely set the thermostat to 90 degrees when they come in out of the cold.

The myth here is that the higher setting causes your furnace to work faster and harder to get the temperature to a comfortable level. Your furnace heats at the same rate, whether you turn the thermostat up two degrees or 20. Avoid the need to turn your home into the fiery pits of hell by adjusting the temperature where you want it.

Now that we’ve debunked two of the most common myths, you can finally start your journey to fall and winter savings. If you need some help along the way, call the professionals at Gentry Heating for all your home heating needs at 828-581-4045.

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