geothermal heat pump problemsGeothermal heat pump systems are reliable, durable and have the added benefit of providing excellent heating and cooling using eco-friendly, energy efficient technology. All HVAC systems require routine maintenance to keep them in optimum condition, so if your geothermal heat pump is experiencing problems or not maintaining the comfort levels of your home, there are steps you can take before calling your service technician.

Simple Troubleshooting Tips

  • It might sound silly, but if your heat pump is not turning on, check the power first. Is it plugged in? Are electrical wires to the heat pump damaged or disconnected? Did the circuit breaker trip? 
  • If the power supply checks out, look at the thermostat. Is it set to the right mode (cooling for summer/heating for winter) and is the indoor temperature above or below the range set on the thermostat? Switch the thermostat from “Auto” to “On” and see if the heat pump responds.
  • If the geothermal heat pump is working but the temperature is insufficient, you could have an airflow problem. Check the air filter and coils to be sure they are not dirty. If air cannot flow through the system, the heat pump can’t do its job. Clean the coils, replace the filter, and if the unit is outside, clear away any debris or plants that could be inhibiting air flow.
  • It could be that your heat pump is working, but the conditioned air is not getting where it should due to faulty ductwork. Inspection and repair of air leaks, breaks and poorly insulated ductwork can make a significant difference.

When to Ask for Help

The cause of your problem could still be something minor that requires a qualified service technician to check, such as the fan motor speed, refrigerant charge, scaling in the heat exchanger or a defective reversing valve. If you’ve followed these troubleshooting tips and your geothermal heat pump still isn’t performing the way it should, contact the professionals at Gentry Heating, Inc. For half a century, we have provided quality HVAC installation and service to our neighbors in the Asheville, NC, area.

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