Did you know that the indoor air quality in your home could be up to 10 times more polluted that the air found outside in a busy city? With the push to make our homes more energy efficient, they are more airtight than ever before. This means once a contaminant enters your heating and cooling system, it will be constantly recirculated in the air throughout your home. Therefore, there is information you need to know in order to make sure your family is exposed to healthy indoor air quality.  

Home and Health Concerns

If you or a family member has allergies or asthma, the quality of the air in your home is definitely a concern for you. Dust, pet hair, and pollen will make symptoms of these conditions even worse.

Humidity or lack of humidity can make your home very uncomfortable. Too much may encourage the growth of mold that can cause damage to your home and pose a health threat to your family. If your home is too humid, your wood floors may begin to swell and buckle.

Not enough humidity can make your home feel chilly and cause static electricity to be more common in your home. Your family may suffer from nosebleeds during the winter from the dry air. Static shocks are uncomfortable and they can cause damage to your sensitive and expensive electronic appliances such as home theater equipment and computers. The lack of humidity can cause the wood in your home to crack and shrink, which means loose floorboards.

Best Products to Improve Air Quality

We offer humidifiers and dehumidifiers to control the level of humidity in your home. This equipment requires very little maintenance and will keep your home comfortable throughout the year.

Our ultraviolet air purification systems destroy dangerous bacteria, mold, and mildew with UV light to provide your home with healthy air. Again, this type of equipment requires very little maintenance on your part.

An air filtration system or electronic air cleaner will continuously clean the air in your home by removing irritants.  This constant circulation will prevent the air from getting stale in your home.

Services to Consider

Your best and first line of defense against many of the problems described above is to make sure that your home’s heating and cooling system is regularly serviced. A yearly or twice a year inspection and tune-up will pinpoint problems that could lead to these conditions or may already exist. Between service, be sure to check and change your air filter as needed.

Consider having the air quality tested in your home and your ductwork inspected. If your ducts were leaky, we would recommend that you have them sealed to avoid contaminants from getting into your system.

A thorough cleaning and sanitizing of your ductwork by one of our highly trained service technicians will remove contaminants that may have settled in your system. It is suggested you have your ducts cleaned every three to five years as needed.

If you have concerns about your home’s indoor air quality, call the friendly experts at Gentry Heating, Inc. We have been providing service to homes in Asheville, NC and surrounding areas for over 50 years. When it comes to your family’s comfort and health, we are ready to answer any questions you may have.

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