Have you ever questioned why an air conditioner can’t provide warmth and cooling but your heat pump can? The reversing valve is what makes the difference. Here’s how this vital component functions, making the heat pump among the best year-round comfort option for homeowners in Swannanoa, NC.

1. Heat Pump Reversing Valve

The reversing valve, which is a small cylindrical piece of metal, controls the refrigerant flow. To warm up your home, heat pumps concentrate and transmit the heat they absorb from the surrounding air to your home’s living areas. The outdoor coil serves as the evaporator coil, while the indoor coil serves as the condenser coil.

When it’s time for the heating cycle, the refrigerant from the compressor is diverted by the reversing valve to the indoor evaporator coil. Heat is ejected in an area when the refrigerant condenses in the indoor coil.

2. Electromagnetic Solenoid

Another component known as an electromagnetic solenoid, which controls the slider, aids in reversing valves. A mechanism inside the reversing valve slides back and forth depending on the valve’s mode (heating or cooling). The slide moves due to the solenoid’s connection to a pilot valve.

3. Two States: Energized and De-Energized

The pressure differential inside a metal tube powers a solenoid-operated reversing valve. The solenoid activates and slides the valve into the direction specified by the thermostat when it receives the signal to change modes.

To heat your home, the solenoid coil is de-energized, and the reversing valve indicates that the pump should be in heating mode. The slide generates a pressure difference on one side of the tube, enabling the compressor’s refrigerant to move toward the indoor coil. This releases heat into your house.

Regardless of the weather outside, we want you to enjoy cozy conditions within your house. Get in touch with our team at Gentry Service Group today for professional heat pump installation, repair, and maintenance services . Our team of certified technicians are ready to help!

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