heating system troubleshootingAs the weather gets colder, it becomes increasingly important for your heating system to work properly. If you’re beginning to experience any issues, it’s essential that you begin troubleshooting heating problems right away. Here are the three areas you should concentrate on first.

Thermostat Issues

Before you go running out to purchase a new thermostat, make sure the circuit breaker hasn’t been tripped. If that’s not the case, check that the unit has the proper power, whether it’s electric or battery-operated. Most modern thermostats will alert you to a low battery, but it never hurts to switch them out if it’s been a while.

With a working unit, check the furnace door to make sure that it’s been completely closed, as this can automatically shut off the thermostat’s operation.

Ignitor or Pilot Light Problems

If you own heating equipment that uses either gas or propane, you could have a problem with your system’s electronic ignitor or pilot light. Once you’ve confirmed that the thermostat is operational, shut off the gas reset valve for five minutes and try it again. Chances are you either need to reset the pilot or replace the ignitor. For that job, you’re likely better off contacting your trusted HVAC professional.

Dirty Air Filter

The filter in your heating system does a great job keeping harmful pollutants out of your indoor air, protecting you and your loved ones from a variety of respiratory health issues. Unfortunately, these air filters can’t last forever. As the filter does its job, it gets clogged up, which can cause the heating system to stop working efficiently and add strain to its operation.

Air filters should be cleaned or replaced every one to two months, depending on the usage of your system and the amount of airborne dust and debris in your air.

For more expert advice on troubleshooting heating, or any other home comfort questions, contact the professionals at Gentry Heating, Inc. We’ve been serving the HVAC needs of homeowners throughout Asheville, Buncombe, Henderson and surrounding areas since 1963.

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