At Gentry Heating, Inc., we are honored to be included among a select few HVAC companies named a Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer. One of the reasons we are proud to be a Carrier dealer is because Carrier is committed to providing customers high-quality ac systems, products and services. We, too, are committed to providing products and services that will help homeowners in Hendersonville, NC, reduce energy costs and improve home energy performance.

As part of our commitment to helping consumers improve the comfort level in their homes, we wholly support Carrier’s Energy Assessment Program. Launched in March, the program provides Carrier HVAC companies a tool to help customers save money on utility bills as well as reduce energy consumption in the home. The six-step program not only identifies ways to improve ac systems, it also provides solutions to improve the energy efficiency of the entire home.

Step 1: Inspection
Unlike audits done by many other HVAC companies, the Carrier energy audit is a comprehensive evaluation of the entire home. Our energy assessment includes analyzing the heating, air flow and ac systems in the home, as well as inspecting the roofs, doors, windows and insulation. Our home energy experts will review your utility bills to determine how much energy is being used and talk with you to see if you have any areas of specific concern.

Step 2: Testing
Our energy auditors will conduct a series of tests to identify areas where energy is being wasted. Thermal imaging cameras, static pressure gauges and blower door testing equipment are among the latest technology used to test the air flow and discover leaks. We will also check for carbon monoxide emissions.

Step 3: Analysis
After the inspection and testing are completed, our energy experts will analyze the data and find solutions to make your home more energy efficient. We will also complete a cost benefit analysis that shows the potential savings you can attain by implementing our solutions.

Step 4: Recommendations
Once the energy analysis is completed, our auditors will provide a list of recommendations designed to improve your home’s energy performance. Recommendations may include repairing, upgrading or replacing your ac system. We will help you prioritize the recommendations so you can immediately begin to save on energy costs.

Step 5: Resolutions
When you are ready, we will work with you to implement the recommendations identified in the home energy assessment. As a full-service company, we have the skills and expertise to handle everything from repairing a furnace to upgrading air quality solutions to replacing ac systems. Our goal is to be the No. 1 resource among HVAC companies in Hendersonville when it comes to providing HVAC services.

Step 6: Results
At Gentry Heating, Inc., we are results oriented. We are committed to making sure homeowners in Hendersonville, NC, achieve a satisfactory outcome following their home energy audit. We want our customers to feel the results through a higher comfort level and increased savings in their pocketbook.

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