Allergy symptoms can be frustrating for some and very debilitating for others. Whether you are suffering mild or pronounced symptoms, you are probably restricting your outdoor activities to keep the misery limited. However, it’s important to realize that your home may not protect you adequately without a comprehensive spring cleaning. Make sure that you include air duct cleaning on your spring checklist.

How Will My Ducts Affect My Allergies?

If you’ve taken a duster to the tops of your lampshades and bookshelves as part of your annual spring cleaning routine, then you recognize that layers of irritants can build up over time. No matter how thorough you are in your cleaning, there are areas that can escape notice. Your ducts are no exception. Dust in your home means dust in your HVAC system, and ducts are notorious for collecting their share of material. This dust can harbor all sorts of pollutants. Allergens, pet dander and mold can also inhabit these hidden spaces, ready to stir up your allergies the moment you turn the system on.

Can I Do My Own Air Duct Cleaning?

Duct maintenance involves the use of commercial equipment with high-powered suction, intensive filtration and adjusting brushes. The materials in your ducts are brushed meticulously from the walls of the circuit and suctioned through filtration equipment for safe storage and removal from your home. Professionals use drop cloths to protect your furnishings and flooring from stray material.

Disposal is handled away from your home so that the irritants aren’t re-introduced into your airstream. Additionally, professional knowledge of duct structures enables an HVAC technician to use the right equipment and process for your home’s ducts. Remote camera equipment allows your technician to inspect the condition of your circuit to identify issues with mold, leaks or disconnected sections.

Frequency of Duct Cleaning

Annual duct cleaning is sufficient for most homes. It’s helpful to combine your cleaning service with general HVAC maintenance so that your entire air conditioning system is optimized for summer use. It’s also wise to have your heating equipment serviced in the fall. These services address air quality issues within your equipment through the cleaning of coils, condensate pans and other parts that affect the airstream of your home.

A Comprehensive Approach to Moderating Indoor Air Quality

HVAC service for your AC unit and ducts can address some of the air quality issues that trigger allergies. There are additional steps that you can take if you are concerned about the impact of your indoor air on your health. These include:

  • Schedule an air quality evaluation to obtain a professional analysis of irritants and pollutants present in your home
  • Select and install a highly efficient air filter for more effective filtration of dust, pet dander and small particulates from your airstream
  • Examine air purifiers, dehumidifiers and UV lamps for dealing with specific indoor air issues

Gentry Heating, Inc., provides a full range of HVAC and air quality services to the community of Columbus NC. We can answer your questions about specific services if you give us a call.  

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