The Cor Wi-Fi thermostat isn’t just another device that manages your home comfort systems. This smart thermostat is an addition to your heating and cooling system that will enhance home comfort for all occupants. Let’s take a look at the device, what it does and how it’ll impact your lifestyle.

How the Cor Wi-Fi thermostat Works

Upon initial setup, the Cor will need answers to a series of questions. It’ll use this data to program a schedule for heating and cooling.

Once you’ve done this, you’ll be able to do everything from interrupting automation to running the system without heating or cooling if all you want to do is filter the air. You could cycle air in five-minute increments without air conditioning or heating.

Energy Savings

Since the Cor is Energy Star certified, look for it to save you up to 20% on any current heating and cooling. The Cor has Wi-Fi connectivity. Using a mobile app, you’ll be able to view and change settings from anywhere with a display that matches the thermostat. You’ll also have a record of energy usage and local weather, so you’ll be able to generate reports and other data.

Streamlined Programming

Though a smart thermostat, the Cor doesn’t make decisions for you. It doesn’t auto-adapt to routine. You will still need to schedule and program, but the Cor will make it a streamlined process.


The Cor supports two stages of heating and cooling with conventional systems. It’ll need two extra for heat pumps.

It requires five wires, one of which is for power. Make sure your existing thermostat can manage this.

At the Gentry Heating, Inc. (now Gentry Service Group), we’re happy to show Swannanoa, NC, homeowners the benefits of the Cor Wi-Fi thermostat and our HVAC services. Give us a call today to learn more.

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