Having high-quality indoor air in your workplace is important for ensuring that your staff is healthy, comfortable and productive. Here are ways poor indoor air quality can negatively affect your workplace in Asheville, NC.

Decreased Productivity

Firstly, poor air quality decreases employee performance in the workplace. Air pollutants like volatile organic compounds can impair memory, making communication and multitasking in the office difficult. An increased concentration of carbon dioxide decreases concentration. What’s more, it makes employees feel tired.

Lack of clean indoor air also reduces the staff’s ability to focus and produce deliverables. Investing in air quality in the office ensures that you increase your annual productivity and save money. You can use technology like needlepoint bi-polar ionization that purifies your indoor air. As a result, it eliminates pathogens, odors and airborne pollutants.

Creates an Uncomfortable Environment

Air quality affects the level of comfort of your staff. Comfortable workers are more efficient, improving their accuracy of doing tasks in the office such as mathematics, typing and other duties. You can increase employee comfort by increasing ventilation in the office. To do this, open windows to let fresh outdoor air enter the building or invest in a ventilator.

Poor Health

Low-quality indoor air can result in serious health hazards like headaches, loss of coordination, nausea, heart disease, eye and throat irritation. It also triggers asthma attacks and allergies. Upgrading your air filters can improve the quality of your indoor air by increasing the density of the filter. As a result, it’ll trap additional airborne particles.

Finally, improved health helps to reduce absenteeism in the workplace. Poor indoor air quality makes employees sick so they can’t meet work deadlines, and it also makes it difficult to attract new employees. Using air-cleaning devices in your workplace like air scrubbers, air purifiers and dehumidifiers will help keep your employees healthy.

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