As winter approaches, homeowners in Montreat, North Carolina, are getting their furnaces ready for the season. Along with this comes changing your filter and considering bringing in a pro to perform maintenance on your system. Learn how often you should have a professional service your home’s HVAC system, what they’ll do and why it’s so important to schedule it.

How Often Should You Schedule HVAC Maintenance?

There isn’t a "hard and fast" number for the frequency of regular maintenance. In general, you’ll want to schedule it between two and four times a year. A great rule of thumb is to schedule it at the changing of the seasons when you change your filters. This makes it easy to remember. At the very least, you should schedule maintenance in the spring for your air conditioner and the fall for your heater.

What Happens During HVAC System Maintenance?

During regular maintenance, the service technician will go over your system from top to bottom. They’ll check for:

  • Any faulty or dirty components.
  • Belts that are worn or broken.
  • Dust and dirt buildup in your ducts.
  • The function of your thermostat.
  • Other issues that could affect the efficiency of your system.

They’ll then give you an estimate for any repairs or replacements you need and take care of those issues.

Why Does HVAC System Maintenance Matter?

Having regular routine maintenance is essential to making sure your HVAC system works as it should. While it may carry a nominal cost, it can save money in the long run as your system will work better and more efficiently, using less energy and costing you less on utility bills. It can also make your system last for many years longer than you would otherwise expect. As a result, you can avoid costly premature replacements.

A well-maintained HVAC system can keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer for many years and decades. To have maintenance scheduled for your home’s HVAC system, call Gentry Heating, Inc. at 828-581-4045 for a checkup today!

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