You’ve worked hard to get your Swannanoa, North Carolina, business off the ground. From finding the perfect business model to hiring employees to perfecting the art of your business, success is just one of the fruits of your labor. What you may not know is that many businesses let extra profits fly right out the door. According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, heating and cooling is one of the highest energy consumers of commercial buildings. If you don’t have the right HVAC system, you could lose hundreds or even thousands each month. Here’s a quick guide to helping you choose the perfect HVAC system for your business to improve your bottom-line.

Selecting the Right Unit

Depending on the size and scope of your operation, you generally have two to three options for your business’ HVAC system. If you run your business out of an old home or other facility, a traditional residential furnace and air conditioner may suffice. These units are easy on the power bill, and they’re one of the more economical ways to provide the perfect temperature to your employees and customers.

Another option is a packaged HVAC unit. These systems combine a heater and air conditioner into one convenient element. The main purpose is to save you space inside the business. If you don’t have room for an air conditioner evaporator or a furnace, packaged units are the perfect fit. Plus, their cost and installation is roughly similar to that of an external air conditioner and interior furnace.

The final HVAC choice for your business is a rooftop unit. Generally speaking, these units are usually reserved for larger businesses that have tons of floor space that needs proper cooling. Don’t fall victim to the “bigger is better” mantra here. A rooftop unit isn’t necessary unless you truly have the need. Otherwise, you’re wasting a ton of money on the initial cost and energy bill each year. However, if you do need the unit, they’re efficient, last forever, and because they’re on the roof, free of harm from vandals.

Pick a Close, Trusted Contractor

Packaged and rooftop HVAC units require a specialized technician for maintenance. While some contractor from out of town may be cheaper, a close, trusted contractor is a better choice. At some point, you’ll need maintenance and repairs, and you won’t want to put your business operations on hold while a contractor drives hours to reach your business. Instead, go with a contractor like us. We’re only a short drive from anywhere in the Swannanoa area, and we’re always there for your business.

In addition, you want a contractor that has experience installing, repairing, and conducting routine or complex maintenance on these units. If a contractor doesn’t have these qualities, you’ll end up wasting time and money, even if you initially save a few bucks.

Don’t Forget About Ductless

If you’re worried about dedicating floor space to an HVAC unit, or you want to free up some space for displays or office room, don’t forget about ductless mini-splits. Unlike traditional systems, these units mount on the walls, have only an exterior unit, and free up tons of space for whatever you need. They also provide zonal heating and cooling, which means you can turn off units in rooms you aren’t using. Not only do they offer perfect comfort but they’ll also save you money on energy bills each month.

Ductless systems are also an excellent choice for businesses that need a higher level of cleanliness. Because ductless systems don’t rely on vents and registers for heating and cooling, they don’t accumulate dust over time. This promotes less dust and debris in the business, which is a perfect choice for businesses in the food, service, or computer industries.

Plan for Now

As a business owner, you’re always planning far ahead for expansion or other areas to meet the needs of your customers. Unfortunately, this doesn’t transfer to choosing an HVAC system. Picking a unit based on future expansion will create larger energy bills and may become obsolete by the time you expand.

Choosing the perfect HVAC unit for your business is a critical aspect to improving your profitability. If you’re searching for a new unit or you want to upgrade, contact Gentry Heating Inc. today at 828-581-4045.

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