A whole-house humidifier will keep humidity at a healthy level in your Swannanoa, North Carolina home during the dry winter months. It is installed in your forced-air heating or cooling system, so that air moving through the ductwork passes through the humidifier, picking up water vapor as it does. The humidified air then circulates throughout your home, countering the ill effects of dry air. This process helps to make the air healthier for the entire family.

In order to find the right humidifier for your home, you need to compare the features and capacity.

  • Check your home’s square footage. You need a humidifier that will have the capacity based on the size of your home. Don’t go too small or too large as both options would be inefficient.
  • Look at installation needs. An in-duct system ties into the ductwork of your home and thus requires professional installation.
  • Get the measurements of the space you have available for installation. Be sure to get depth, width and height. This allows you to make sure any model you choose will fit into the space you have available.
  • Select a model that has a built-in humidistat. The humidistat turns off automatically when the air reaches a pre-set humidity level to save money and water usage.
  • Learn how to maintain and access the unit. Maintenance for whole-house humidifiers is relatively simple and infrequent, but requires access to the unit by you or a technician.
  • Compare the evaporative technology of each model. If you have hard water, consider a warm mist or evaporative system as both decrease mineral build-up problems. Impeller systems are usually the most expensive, but are more likely to spread bacteria and mold.
  • Read consumer reviews of each model to find out if there are particular problems with a given model.

To ensure you select the right model for your home, consult your HVAC technician. For more information about a whole-house humidifier or other add-on equipment for your home’s furnace, please contact Gentry Heating, Inc. at 828-581-4045. We proudly serve Asheville and surrounding areas.

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