Indoor humidity levels during the winter lower due to the fact that the warm air from the heating system holds less moisture than air conditioning during the summertime. Low winter indoor humidity levels can adversely affect health. It is recommended to keep the relative winter humidity levels between 40 and 60 percent for optimal health.

Winter Indoor Humidity and Your Health

Studies have shown that airborne-transmitted infectious viruses and bacteria are minimized with humidity levels between the 40 and 60 percent range. Nine epidemiological studies have proven that the incidence of upper respiratory infections is lower in schools, residences and offices with relative humidity levels in this range. In addition, fungal populations and allergic mite populations are minimized when the indoor relative humidity level is less than 50 percent. Most fungi species cannot thrive in humidity levels less than 60 percent. In addition to upper respiratory illnesses and allergies, winter humidity levels less than 40 percent can cause nosebleeds, chapped lips and dry skin. All around, the majority of adverse health effects from an abundance of pathogens and allergens can be greatly reduced with the proper humidity levels. Other adverse effects from low humidity levels during the winter include static electricity, drying out of hardwood floors and peeling wallpaper.

Products to Maintain Proper Humidity Levels

If you’re concerned about the winter humidity levels in your home, you can purchase a hygrometer at a local home improvement store to measure humidity. Hygrometers are easy to use and can be placed in each individual room for a reading. Fan-powered humidifiers are ideal if your humidity levels are too low. These units blow moisture directly into the ducts. Fan-powered humidifiers can be used both with furnaces and heat pumps. Humidifiers come in all sizes and shapes, including small tabletop models to whole-house systems that can be directly connected to a home’s HVAC system.

HVAC Products and Services at Gentry Heating in Hendersonville, NC

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