There are few things more miserable in the summer in Henderson County than a broken air conditioner. When both the humidity and your temper are high, it can be difficult to consider your air conditioning options. Fortunately, Gentry Heating, Inc. is here to do it for you. We are an air conditioner repair and installation company that can send our air conditioning specialists to your home to promptly repair you air conditioner. 

When our air conditioning specialists arrive, they will diagnosis the problem with your air conditioner as quickly as possible. Once the problem has been isolated, our air conditioning specialists will fix it on the spot. We always come prepared with the necessary tools to fix your air conditioner. Our air conditioning specialists understand that every hour without having air conditioning is one hour too many.

In order to prevent the frustration of an air conditioner that doesn’t work, our air conditioner repair and installation company recommends an investment in annual preventative maintenance as one of your top priorities for air conditioning options. Gentry Heating, Inc., our air conditioner repair and installation company in Henderson County, provides all customers with the opportunity to sign up for a planned maintenance agreement. Our air conditioner repair and installation company feels that preventative maintenance is one of the best air conditioning options because it helps to prevent repair issues from happening in the first place. 

When our air conditioning specialists perform preventative maintenance on your air conditioner, they check several important functions. These include making sure the drainage tube isn’t blocked, tightening loose wiring, refilling all required fluids and much more. An air conditioning system that is well maintained is more likely to get you through another hot summer with no serious issues.

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