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Have you ever wondered about high indoor humidity? If you’ve noticed mold anywhere in your Asheville, NC, home or if your family is experiencing allergies and other health problems, high humidity levels may be to blame. Ideal indoor humidity should be about 45-50 percent. The easiest way to optimize indoor humidity is with whole house dehumidifiers that work with your heating and cooling systems.

Don’t Air Conditioners Remove Humidity?

Air conditioners manage indoor air temperatures. Whole-house dehumidifiers, on the other hand, extract air from every room, pull it through the return air ducts, remove moisture, and then return dry air to your house.

How Do Whole House Dehumidifiers Work?

Whole-house dehumidifiers work hand in hand with your AC system to balance humidity levels. They can also work alone to remove humidity when it’s too cool outside to run your air conditioner.

How Does Excessive Humidity Affect Indoor Comfort?

Excessive humidity can make your home feel warmer than it is. It may be cool enough outside that you don’t need to run the AC, yet your indoor air still feels sticky and uncomfortable. High humidity can also make your Asheville, NC, home smell musty while encouraging the growth of mold and mildew that cause health problems. Another concern with high indoor humidity is that it may cause your air conditioner work harder.

How Do Mold And Mildew Impact Health?

Mold and mildew thrive in moist environments and reproduce through tiny spores floating in the air. Breathing mold spores can cause eye and skin irritations, sneezing and nasal stuffiness. Dust mites also thrive in moist environments and can trigger allergies and asthma. Whole house dehumidifiers keep indoor humidity under control and protect your home from mold, mildew and dust mites. If you have wet stains on your walls and ceilings, rotting wood or window condensation, you probably have a humidity problem.

To learn more about how a whole house dehumidifier can get rid of indoor allergens, reduce the potential for air conditioning repair and make your Asheville, NC, home more comfortable, visit Gentry Heating and Cooling or call 828-581-4045.

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