If you are looking to avoid the cost of frequent HVAC repair or early replacement of your system, Gentry Heating, Inc. recommends scheduling an air conditioner maintenance appointment every spring. You would also benefit from a preventative maintenance appointment for your furnace or heat every fall. However, our skilled service technicians can complete a heating or air conditioner maintenance visit at any time of the year. When you schedule the tune-up is not nearly as important as having it done in the first place. When it comes to improving the durability of your HVAC system and heading off HVAC repair bills, regular air conditioner maintenance is the best thing you can do.

While your air conditioner is working hard for you all summer long, it loses just a little bit of efficiency every day. Refrigerant gases get depleted, drainage tubes become backed up and wiring becomes frayed or broken. When our service technicians complete an air conditioner maintenance appointment at your Sylva, North Carolina home or business, they address all these concerns and several more. At the conclusion of your tune-up, you will receive detailed feedback on all of the preventative maintenance functions we performed. Our service technicians will also make note of any issues that may require HVAC repair in the future.

As a member of a preventative maintenance plan with Gentry Heating, Inc., you receive several additional benefits in addition to yearly tune-ups. Should you decide to schedule HVAC repair with us, you receive priority scheduling and possible discounts on parts and labor. Our club members also receive unpublished coupons on a regular basis. While it isn’t free to join our preventative maintenance plan, the benefits to your Sylva home or business quickly offset the cost. We think you are going to enjoy greater comfort, lower utility bills and fewer repairs throughout the year.

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