A whole-house generator is a significant investment for your home. Here are the top four reasons to opt for a whole-house generator for your home in Candler, NC.

Provide Enough Power for Your Entire House

Unlike a portable generator, a whole-house system can provide enough electricity for all your home’s needs. Stand-by systems can only support a few electronics and lights in the event of an outage.

Portable systems use gasoline as the primary fuel. Whole-house models, though, can run on natural gas or propane.

With whole-home systems, there’s no need to refuel; your generator can run on a propane tank for days on end. A whole-home generator can power your electric stove, refrigerator and all your high-powered appliances.

Less Noise Around Your Home

Typically, portable generators have no casing, which makes them easier to move around. Their portability has one disadvantage, though, and that’s their noisiness.

If you’re looking for a system that runs quietly, a whole-house generator is your best bet. The installation includes a casing that protects it from the weather and stifles the noise. Talk to a certified generator services technician to address your home’s power needs.

Greater Convenience During an Outage

Installation of a whole-home system involves connecting the generator to the building’s electrical circuit. When there’s an outage, the system switches on automatically.

A portable system requires more work to set up, which can be frustrating in unfavorable weather. A whole-house generator is a convenient choice if you’re looking for a long-term power supply for your home.

Better Safety Controls

Another advantage of whole-home systems is that they come with sophisticated safety controls and features. The installation includes safety sensors and must adhere to strict protocols.

Portable systems typically don’t have such advanced safety features. When using a generator, ensure there’s a 20-foot clearance from your house. Also, never use it in an enclosed space.

Your choice of generator will also depend on your needs and preferences. Contact Gentry Service Group’s A+ rated staff to explore home comfort solutions that fit your needs.

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