heat lossThe Hendersonville area has experienced a particularly cold winter this year, and your utility bills are likely showing it. You can reduce home heat loss and increase HVAC efficiency by knowing where heat might be escaping and taking action to minimize that loss. There are two ways heat can be lost – through the fabric (or structure) of the home or through the ventilation system. Your HVAC contractor can help you identify the problem areas and suggest ways to improve energy efficiency.

Fabric Heat Loss

There is a potential for heat loss anywhere the structure of the house comes into contact with outside air or an unheated space such as a garage, crawlspace or attic. Proper insulation is the key to reducing home heat loss in these areas.

  • The insulation materials used in building exterior walls can deteriorate over time, and older homes don’t have the advantage of today’s more energy-efficient insulating materials.
  • Interior walls, floors and ceilings that connect with unheated spaces such as an attic, garage or crawlspace can be easily inspected, and additional rolled or foam insulation can be added as needed.
  • Old, single-paned windows can cause significant heat loss and should be replaced with energy-efficient thermal panes and frames. A less costly option, however, would be to add storm windows.

Ventilation Heat Loss

Ventilation to provide fresh air and remove stale air is essential for a healthy home. Heat loss and other air quality problems can occur, however, with air leakage where you don’t want it, such as around windows and doors, building material connections, ductwork and vents.

Here are some things to keep an eye on to reduce heat loss:

  • Leaks around windows, doors, skylights and vents are a major contributor to heat loss but can be easily corrected by sealing air leaks with foam weatherstripping, caulking or spray foam, depending on the type and size of the leak.
  • Your furnace should receive an annual maintenance check to keep it running efficiently, and your HVAC contractor can inspect both the unit and any ductwork for leaks.

For more information on how to reduce home heat loss in your home, contact the professionals at Gentry Heating, Inc. We’ve provided quality, dependable service to the Hendersonville area for more than 50 years.

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