HVAC system inspectionWhen you’re buying a new home, you’ll no doubt have it inspected as part of the purchase process. A home inspection can tell you the condition of the roof and point out defects such as foundation cracks, but it won’t provide much information about the home’s HVAC system. Scheduling an HVAC system inspection in addition to a general home inspection is essential for a number of reasons.

Condition of the HVAC System Components

Home inspections don’t cover the HVAC system in detail. In fact, checking whether the system starts up may be the extent of the inspection. You can’t rely on a seller’s disclosure either, since it’s simply based on their personal knowledge and experience. With an HVAC inspection, all the system components are checked for functionality and efficiency, and you’ll know if there are existing problems or potential future issues before the sale closes. You’ll also learn the equipment’s age, if it’s properly sized and if it’s well maintained.

Avoid a Costly Equipment Replacement

Without an HVAC system inspection, you may buy a home thinking everything is working fine, get settled in and then discover there’s a serious problem with the equipment. If this occurs, you may find yourself facing an unexpected and expensive replacement just to keep the home livable and comfortable.

Protection Against Health and Safety Concerns

Deficiencies with a home’s heating and cooling system not only impact energy costs, they can also affect health and safety. An HVAC system inspection can tell you if the furnace heat exchanger is corroded or if there are vent system issues that increase the risk of carbon monoxide (CO) exposure. You’ll learn if CO and contaminants are degrading the indoor air quality due to poorly-maintained ducts. You’ll also know if moisture in the ductwork is allowing mold growth that can worsen allergies and respiratory problems.

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