If you’ve lived in your home for many years, then it may be time to purchase a new air conditioner. When you call us at Gentry Heating, Inc., our AC service experts will scrutinize your machine and inform you if it’s ┬átime for an AC replacement.

As a Morgantown, NC, homeowner, you should have AC service completed on your cooling system regularly. With frequent maintenance, you will extend the life of your air conditioner and increase the machine’s energy efficiency.

Technological Updates

Over the last 20 years, air conditioning machines have come a long way since they are more efficient than ever. When you begin shopping for a new system, you can choose from contemporary features that include programmable temperature controls, two stage compressors and multiple speeds for the fan. Once you decide to purchase an updated system, our air conditioner installation professionals will skillfully mount your new efficient unit.

With the new machine, you will benefit from lower energy bills, comfortable temperatures throughout your home and a quiet system. After your air conditioner installation is complete, you should contact our maintenance specialists for routine AC service. During a maintenance call, we will replace the air filter in your unit, lubricate the system’s moving parts and clean your machine.

Benefits of Purchasing a New Air Conditioner

When you invest in an updated air conditioning unit, your system will use fewer natural resources to keep your home comfortable. We can also make sure that your new machine is the right size. In many cases, old systems are exceedingly large and cannot cool a home efficiently.

Another problem with large machines is that they reduce the temperatures in your home too quickly, which prevents the system from effectively removing the moisture in your house. When your home has an abundance of moisture, mold may begin to grow. Once we complete your new air conditioner installation, your correctly sized unit will eliminate the moisture in your home.

Our company will make sure you buy the right machine size by measuring your home using the Manual J method. When our AC service member arrives for the examination, he or she will evaluate the size of your home and location. Additionally, the number of windows, bathrooms and kitchens in your residence will factor into your air conditioner size.

Using a SEER Rating to Select Your Unit

Air conditioners feature a guide called the Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio, or SEER, rating. With today’s energy guided ratings, you’ll see SEER numbers that run from 13 to 23. When you buy a machine with a higher number, you will pay more for the system. However, the air conditioner will use power more efficiently, and your home’s temperatures will be consistent. With help from our air conditioner installation crew, your home will be cool during the summer and warm in the winter.

You’ll receive knowledgeable assistance from our AC service experts at Gentry Heating, Inc. Moreover, we will ensure that your Morgantown, NC, home receives comfortable temperatures year-round.

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