As a homeowner in Buncombe County NC, you may not be aware of the effects the moisture epidemic can have on your air conditioner. Excess moisture in the air of your home or within the air conditioning system itself can lead to health problems for you and mechanical problems for the air conditioner. Our air conditioning specialists and air conditioner repair and installation technicians explain your air conditioning options for dealing with the moisture epidemic.

The best line of defense you have against the moisture epidemic is performing regular maintenance on your air conditioning system. When it comes to preventive maintenance, one of the air conditioning options to consider is the air filter. Excess moisture wears out air filters and fuels the growth of mold on the filter. Our air conditioning specialists recommend replacing the air filter monthly to prevent mold growth.

Air Conditioner Repair and Installation
Moisture within your air conditioner may cause you to need an air conditioner repair and installation. The moisture may cause rust and wear away the lubrication needed for effective operation. Do not hesitate to make a needed air conditioning repair, as the damage from the moisture will only worsen the longer the moisture remains in the system.

At Gentry Heating, Inc. our team of air conditioning specialists takes the time to explain how the moisture epidemic affects your particular air conditioner and what air conditioning options can help you solve the problem. Our air conditioner repair and installation technicians take pride in performing high quality, affordable and trustworthy air conditioner services to resolve all types of moisture problems throughout Buncombe County, NC. Whether you are interested in new air conditioning options or need an air conditioner repair and installation, our air conditioning specialists at Gentry Heating, Inc. are here for you.

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