Spring is almost here in Asheville, NC. With this in mind, there are some things that you should either do for your air conditioner yourself or hire Gentry Heating, Inc. to take care of for you. In specific, there are three vital things that must be done for your air conditioner.

First of all, you want the system’s airflow to be measured. This will help to ensure that your air conditioner is running at full capacity this spring and that it is being as efficient as possible. Technicians do this by measuring the static pressure, duct traverse and air flow within your home. In order to do this, specialized tools are used. Of course, anything that is wrong will be fixed.

Secondly, your air conditioner should be cleaned each spring. A spray foam cleanser is used on the outside. After it sits for 15 minutes you will want to rinse it off. This will remove any dirt and grime that are there.

Third and finally, you need to make sure that there’s enough refrigerant charge in your air conditioner this spring. This will probably cost you a little extra money. Nevertheless, this is vital if you want your system to work properly throughout both the warm weather seasons.

Now that you know what needs to be done, you should consider hiring Gentry Heating, Inc. serving the Asheville, NC area, to do these things for your air conditioner this spring. By taking the time and spending the small amount of money to do these things, you will be able to ensure that your air conditioning system will not only make it through the spring but also the summer too. Plus, the small amount of money that you spend now will actually save you a lot of money in the future.

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