If your heating system is not providing enough warmth for your home or is making unusual noises, it’s time to call us for a heating system repair in Burnsville NC. With our expert technicians and competitive pricing, there’s no need to have a chilly home. In addition to fair pricing, we also offer Internet coupons for savings on repair calls. Keep in mind that putting off a needed repair will likely lead to other needed repairs in your heating system. Even a worn belt can put too much stress on other components in the heating system. Don’t wait for a complete system breakdown,  call us today for your heating system repair. In Burnsville NC, winter temperatures can dip into the 30’s, and it is essential that your heating system is working properly for indoor comfort.

Heating System Repairs

Our factory trained technicians are the best in the HVAC industry. They have years of experience and can work on any make or model. In addition, they receive ongoing training throughout the year to stay on top of the new advances in HVAC technology. When our technician arrives at your home, you can be sure they have the expert knowledge, skills and diagnostic tools to identify the exact source of the problem. They are skilled diagnosticians and will troubleshoot all components of your heating system to ensure a correct and complete diagnosis. To expedite repairs, they also come with fully stocked trucks. Often, the heating system repair can be completed the same day as the service call. All of our heating system repairs are 100 percent guaranteed, and we’ll have your system up and running in no time.

One of the best ways you can avoid costly repairs is to sign up for one of our affordable preventative maintenance plans or to schedule regular seasonal tune-ups. Having our technicians regularly maintain your heating system is the ideal opportunity for them to troubleshoot any small problems before major ones develop. On a service visit, they will test the thermostat, replace worn belts, lubricate parts, clean parts, check wire connections, fix leaks and much more.

Common Repairs for Heating Systems

Heating systems are complex appliances, and there are hundreds of reasons why your system may not be operating well. Before you call us for an inspection, you can always take some basic steps for a do-it-yourself-fix. Making sure the air filters are clean, a fuse hasn’t blown and the thermostat is calibrated correctly are some simple issues you can fix on your own. If these easy steps do not rectify the problem, give Gentry Heating a call.

It may be that the blower is not operating properly. The blower is responsible for pushing the air from the heat exchanger through the ductwork and into the home. If it’s not operating properly, there won’t be enough heat throughout the home. Another common problem is the ignition system. Today, the modern heating systems have complex electronic components, and you’ll need one of our skilled technicians to troubleshoot the problem. Whatever the problem, you can feel confident that our technicians will find it and do a timely repair.

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