Fighting dusty surfaces in your Asheville, NC home is a constant battle. However you can put your air conditioning system to work this spring and keep your home dust free.

Air Filters
One of the simplest and most inexpensive ways to keep your home dust free is to replace or upgrade your air conditioner’s air filter. There are many air conditioning options for air filter replacement. If someone in your family has allergies or asthma, our air conditioning specialists recommend that you upgrade your flat filter to a high efficiency HEPA filter or an electrostatic filter.

Air Conditioner Maintenance
Our air conditioning specialists recommend air conditioner maintenance to keep dust out of your home this spring. Maintenance services performed by our air conditioning specialists include cleaning of the coils, motor and fan to keep dust out of the internal workings of your air conditioning system.

Air Conditioner Repair and Installation
Performing a needed air conditioner repair and installation allows your air conditioner to efficiently remove dust from the air of your home. Common air conditioner problems such as a dirty blower result in dusty air blown through your home. If our air conditioner repair and installation technicians detect an extensive or expensive problem with your Asheville, NC home’s air conditioning system, we will inform you of your air conditioning options. We will help you select the most efficient and affordable new system for your home.

At Gentry Heating, Inc., our air conditioning specialists take the time to inform you of your air conditioning options to maintain a clean home. We provide air conditioner maintenance, air conditioner repair and installation throughout the Asheville, NC metropolitan area. When you are looking for the best air conditioning options for a dust free home, our team at Gentry Heating, Inc. is here for you.

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